‘Liberate Us’ provides training and resources to support critical, inclusive and anti-racist thinking

Liberate Us is a social enterprise.  The name acknowledges that liberation is achieved by everyone – the oppressed and those with power – working together.  

This is a space for the oppressed and their allies to come together for constructive action. The website is the starting point and will focus on four key themes:

1. Interrogate is about identifying where there are inequalities of outcome, micro-aggressions, micro-exclusions or oppressive practices. 

If you are interested in an equality audit for your organisation click here.    working. 

2. Educate is about resources and training for people to educate themselves and to support them in educating others. 

We have a guide to anti-racist books,  a glossary of key terms, and offer anti-racist training. 

 3. Liberate is the activist part of what we do. This is a space to explore how insurgent, punk, socio-anarchist and other radical movements can contribute to achieving sustainable change.

We host the anti-racist book club which we encourage everyone to join. 

4. Celebrate is about recognising and rewarding achievements.

This is a space to shout about what is happening and share what works.